How I introduced the Elements of the Periodic Table to my 3 year old

Yep. Do it. Start now. I’m a big proponent of introducing complex concepts to children early – in a fun way. When Solomon was little we used to watch education YouTube vids and happened upon this:

He LOVED it! It’s so catchy, and he requested to hear it at least once a day – over and over. And who was I to say no, lol. As he babbled what he didn’t realize was literally the building blocks of all the things and would eventually be on all his Chemistry exams, I formed a lesson plan around it. I let him listen to it every day (he still does). Then, I began introducing a few of them by associating them with stuff he used/saw every day. e.g. Oxygen (air we breathe), Fluorine (for our pretty teeth – toothpaste)

He naturally began to pick ones he was interested in on his own. Nerd seed planted :).

Check these out too:

Periodic Table Meal Placemat (can be used as a poster too!):

Periodic Table Song with the lyrics (for the readers & the song is fast near the end, so this provides much needed clarity):

Periodic Table Song for 5 hours straight (apologies in advance, as this song will forever be embedded in your brain):

Written by Aryeonne Johnson