Gift for Expectant & New Mamas – Recordable Bear

When you’re pregnant, there’s nothing more exciting than hearing your baby’s heartbeat. I remember hearing my son’s heartbeat for the first time early in pregnancy and thinking, “How’s this possible?!” But, hopefully for some of you it’s more like, “Wow, I’m so grateful this is possible, and I never want to forget this moment.

Once I got over the shock of being pregnant, I wanted to record every moment. During one OB/GYN appointment I remember taking out my phone and recording the sound of my son’s heartbeat, so I could listen to it whenever I wanted. Well, now, there’s a cuter way to capture you unborn baby’s heartbeat. The heartbeat bear records your baby’s heartbeat and stores it for playback (this one is under $20!):

And for those who are like me and become sad at the thought of your child’s super cute voice changing into Barry White Part II, there’s other stuffed animals that have voice recording capabilities. So, you can record your little singing, laughing, and all. These are especially great for close friends and relatives who are far away (shout out to all my military families) and want an extra special gift.

Here are links to more of these fuzzy memory holders:

Written by Aryeonne Johnson