Educational Magazine Recommendations For Kids – DEAL

What kid doesn’t love getting mail. And what parent doesn’t love seeing their kids read and discover. Weeeeellll…I recently found a Groupon special for National Geographic kids that I had to share…because c’mon – animals are cool to learn about. The cool part is that animal facts are typically fun for adults too. I got a year subscription for $9. Here’s the link for the mag (lucky you…use Code: SALE3 for 20% off):

And for me, after buying Nat Geo Kids, I purchased Highlights magazine for $2 more. If you don’t remember seeing this popular magazine at school and at the pediatrician’s office, I’ll jog your memory. Highlights magazine that has been around since 1946, and it’s been around that long for a reason. It’s a teacher favorite that publishes a monthly collection of stories, games, riddles, and experiments that promote reading and creativity. They even have a digital mag for you to sample if you need to see more before you buy:

Happy reading 🙂 !!!

Written by Aryeonne Johnson