Picasso Tiles: A Children’s Toy Must-Have – Gift Recommendation

My kid has not stopped playing with this toy set since I bought them for him when he was 4 (he’s nearly 6 now). I even had to get another set so his creations could become more elaborate. They’re called Picasso Tiles – a version of the original, popular ‘Magnatiles’ that I found when trying to avoid the outrageously priced original. They are sets of brightly colored shapes that connect together using the strength of magnets. I find that the magnetic snap creates an ease that allows my son’s imagination to run wild. He builds car garages for his cars to castles for his Monster Trucks to live in.

Either way, he’s building and learning structural engineering concepts along the way. And, of course, ya gotta throw in a little lesson about triangle names and angles. *Ahem* Anyway, I got mine from Amazon (see below – check out the used options for an even lower price), but they occasionally pop up on Groupon too.


Picasso Tiles come in different quantities and theres also a small Picasso Tile train set that you can snag for $4.99. We ending up purchasing a set of 60 initially and eventually a set of 100 (because he loved them so much and friends could build structures along side him), and my nearly 6 year old son seems to content building his structures with that amount. As stated before, we’ve had the first set for 2 years, and they have been dropped, bent, and stepped on. They are still just as pretty and intact as day 1. Whenever we have visitors, they always comment of my kiddo’s newly constructed colorful creation. It’s his conversation piece to this day.

Groupon: https://www.groupon.com/deals/gs-magna-tiles-clear-colors-100-piece-set-4

Written by Aryeonne Johnson